Art Shopping 大展在卢浮宫卡鲁塞尔厅闭幕, 吴奕晗作品引关注

2019年5月26日,Art Shopping 大展在卢浮宫卡鲁塞尔厅闭幕,留学英国的华裔少年画家吴奕晗作品引关注

卡鲁塞尔厅占地3700平方米,与卢浮宫博物馆为邻,常年举办各类艺术展,与巴黎大皇宫博物馆一同,深受世界各国艺术界所钟爱,每年观展者以百万计。Art shopping展览迄今有十余年历史,每届展览由主办方协同社会各艺术团体及个人联合举行,展出绘画、摄影、雕塑等各类别艺术品千余件。



吴奕晗Elyne Wu是一名11年级学生,目前在英国学习。涵盖9门科目。Elyne最热衷于艺术,数学和物理,并对科学与美学之间的重叠感兴趣。

这件作品是实验性的10米* 10米水彩画的百分之一,来自一个自发的,看似随机的过程,墨水喷溅在一系列画布上,有着​​自己的路线。

Elyne旨在探索有意和无意之间的动态,并创造一个具象与抽象的均衡。 该特定部分举例说明了作为该过程产物的颜色和丰富度。

Elyne Wu is a year 11 student currently studying in the UK: covering a course of 9 subjects, Elyne is most passionate about Art, Maths and Physics and finds particular interest in the overlaps between science and aesthetics.

This piece is one hundredth of an experimental 10m*10m watercolor painting – arising from a spontaneous and seemingly random process, inks were splattered upon the array of canvases whilst directing their own course. Elyne aimed to explore the dynamics between the intentional and random and create a carefully careless equilibrium. This particular section exemplifies the colour and exuberance that is a product of the process.